Transform your business by connecting devices to gain valuable insights into your business to fuel new revenue and market opportunities. Analyze collected device data with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to meet ever changing business needs and to stay ahead of the game.

At Eike Consulting, we have proven methods designing and developing the next generation AI and IoT services and solutions.

CONNECTIVITY: Creating a fleet of networked-devices to enable data collection and communication.

INTELLIGENCE: Augmenting data analysis with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for faster and smarter decision making.

AUTOMATION: Optimizing business processes based on analytics to increase productivity.

Reimagining robot controls for hazardous terrains with Mixed Reality and deploying an IoT command center to manage the fleet of robots. Robotic IoT & Mixed Reality.

Redefining online shopping with artificial intelligence and automation technologies. Patented methodology making any site or app into a one-click online mall.

Leveraging IoT to bring intelligence from smart phone to vehicles. Forefront of IoT device integration.