Bring digital information into how we interact with our world with a new class of applications in Mixed Reality (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality). Transform how we see and interact with the world.

At Eike Interactive, we have a framework that transform devices into motion controller with spatial intelligence, enabling you to interact with virtual objects in the real world.


VISUALIZATION: Mixed Reality representation of virtual and real-world object.

INTERACTION: Innovating the World Space experience.

INTELLIGENCE: Capturing intelligence to bridge the real-world data into the cloud.


Feature title for Google Tango & ARCore, Asus ZenFone AR and Lenovo Phab 2.

Redefining how we consume data with Content Spatial Persistence.

Reimagining robot controls for hazardous terrains with Mixed Reality.


Deploy Robot Agents to automate business processes to reduce repetitive mundance tasks, eliminate human error, ease regulatory compliance, and effectively increasing productivity.

Eike Interactive brings highly experienced UiPath development expertise to bear to define and implement your business automation needs. According to Forrester Research, UiPath is the industry leader in both strategy and offering.


DISCOVERY: Assess current processes and identify automation candidates.

PROOF OF CONCEPT: Prove that automation works before jumping in.

IMPLEMENTATION: Implement automation of business processes.

MONITOR & TUNE: Gather metrics from operation and improve.

REPEAT SUCCESS: Repeat this process for additional processes and deeper integration.


Payback within 12 months.

Typical ROI 200% in first year, 800% in three years.

Over 75% of compaines that implemented RPA plan on doing more.


Walmart, Deutsche Bank, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Warner Brothers, Home Depot, GE, Ford, Chevron, Merck, DHL, and the list goes on ...


Transform your business by connecting devices to gain valuable insights into your business to fuel new revenue and market opportunities. Analyze collected device data with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to meet ever changing business needs and to stay ahead of the game.

At Eike Interactive, we have proven methods designing and developing the next generation AI and IoT services and solutions.


CONNECTIVITY: Creating a fleet of networked-devices to enable data collection and communication.

INTELLIGENCE: Augmenting data analysis with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for faster and smarter decision making.

AUTOMATION: Optimizing business processes based on analytics to increase productivity.


Reimagining robot controls for hazardous terrains with Mixed Reality and deploying an IoT command center to manage the fleet of robots. Emerging Tech IoT & Mixed Reality in robotics.

Redefining online shopping with artificial intelligence and automation technologies. Patented methodology making any site or app into a one-click online mall.

Leveraging IoT to bring intelligence from smart phone to vehicles. Forefront of IoT device integration.


Jump start with innovation. Invent, launch, scale or revamp to meet the ever growing and complex App-Web-Social world.

At Eike Interactive, we are digital pioneers with deep experience, a proven track record, and a rich client-base from startups (Reader Bee, SummitK12) to Fortune 500 (Sony, Google).


ARCHITECTURE: Scalable and extensible architecture without sacrificing performance and reliability.

METHODOLOGY: An iterative approach advocating adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and continual improvements.

USER EXPERIENCE: Responsive and intuitive design to deliver an elegant and optimal experience for the user.


Technology partner building the entire PlayStation digital infrastructure for the gaming community web presence and digital channels: platform, web, social, mobile apps. 1B+ page views, 5M+ fans.

Redefining early childhood reading with a suite of Apple apps, winning prestigious children's education awards. 13 awards including Parents Choice, Dr. Toy, Tillywig.

Technology partner building the ecosystem to deliver Science education to schools. 10x growth in adoption: thousands of students and teachers for schools and districts across the US.